Just as young children are developing their language vocabulary, these albums have been carefully selected to support children as they establish their musical vocabularies and strengthen their music and language pathways. The melodies, chord progressions and instruments are all developmentally appropriate and appealing to small children. This isn’t dumbed down music, it’s just child friendly.

Our three albums are the core repertoire for our Pioneers and Explorers program. Each album is delivered via a Bandcamp digital download link. So whether you and your children listen in the car, at home or both, you’ll be able to extend your child’s learning and improve their confidence to sing along during your Leading Note classes.

And because we want children to recognise and understand true quality and the beauty of music, all albums include only high-quality performances and recordings from professional musicians and music educators (which makes it more enjoyable for you, too!).

Not sure which one to start with?
Pioneers Classes: we mostly use the Music for Little Ones songs, however include some songs from Four Little Engines.
Explorers Classes: we mostly use the Four Little Engines songs, and build on the Music for Little Ones songs (so it’s best to have both).
The Lullabies for Little Ones album is a wonderful way to bring some calm and quiet to any moment.

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