Our digital doors are open – everything you need to know about our online classes

It’s fair to say it’s been a whirlwind few months for everyone in the wake of this pandemic. Amidst all of the changes, here at Leading Note we have been working hard to nurture the community we have all built together and ensure we can continue to support your child’s development through the joy of music.

That’s why we have officially opened our digital doors, with all classes now available online. We’re pretty excited about it too.

Best of all, our online format has been a resounding success. Already, our parents are raving about the classes. Students are just as engaged with the online learning while parents are loving the opportunity to break up their day and inject some much-needed fun into their daily routines. After all, in this new ‘normal’, interacting with humans outside your immediate orbit has become quite the luxury – even through a screen.

We’d love you to join our fledgling digital music community, so wanted to share a little about how our virtual classrooms work.

Here’s all your online class questions answered

What is the enrolment process?

  1. Enrol into the term as usual. Class details can be found on our website here or you can visit and pay for classes via WeTeachMe directly.
  2. Once enrolled, WeTeachMe automatically sends a Zoom link a few days before the class (best used on laptops and PCs) plus a meeting code and password (best way to access for smart TVs).
  3. On the scheduled day, click the link or enter your codes and password on Zoom to join the virtual classroom.

What if I want to switch to another class time?

You are welcome to change classes if needed, just let us know at least a day beforehand so we can ensure you have all the links and codes.

What video service do you use?

Our virtual classes use Microsoft Zoom (this is like Skype on steroids). The big advantage Zoom has over Skype is that if you choose to use the video link, all parents can see each other during the class.

How do I set up Zoom for Leading Note classes?

  1. Go to http.zoom.us and download the appropriate free software for your selected device.
  2. Add us as a contact – hello@leadingnote.com.au
  3. Your Meeting Code will be a recurring session based on your current Leading Note lesson time.

What device should I use?

Zoom classes work with a number of devices. If you can, use a laptop, smart TV or computer that gives you a wider screen. Otherwise use a phone or tablet device. Please ensure you have a charger handy, just in case. You will need to have Zoom already installed on the device prior to your fist class.

What if I don’t have instruments?

We love creativity, so search your house for some items that may be a substitute for the instruments we would use in class. You might like to try:

  • Claves: i.e. chopsticks, wooden spoons, etc.
  • A drum-type thing: plastic container, box, bucket, saucepan
  • Shaker: these can be made by using a plastic container with some rice, lentils or dried beans.
  • Woodblock: anything to keep the beat, can reuse the same drum instrument, or have another for variety.
  • We are working to put together a small pack of instruments to have at home, in order to get the most out of your online classes.

How should I prepare before the class?

  • Select a room that is relatively free from noise and distractions.

  • Decide what will work best for your family:

    • Set up the screen so you can both see the teacher, and follow along at home.
    • If your child is too young for screen time or you would like to limit it, set it up so only you can see the screen. You will be the teacher and demonstrate the actions.
    • If you don’t want us or others to see you via video, feel free to join in with audio-only. You don’t have to have the video option on if it makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Open up the zoom app and type in the meeting number that was sent to you in the meeting invite.

  • Make sure the app is opened in speaker view. This means you’ll be able to hear us but your microphone should be muted. We will still be able to see you should you choose the video function. Please Note: that to ensure the privacy of each child the ‘record’ function will be disabled.
  • From time to time in the class we will unmute specific students so they can sing and share with the group.
  • There is a written chat function in zoom, feel free to use this to communicate during your class.
  • Bring the same positive attitude you bring to physical classes. This is a little bit different and we are all going to learn how to make these classes function better as time goes on.

We hope to see you in our online classes as we all enjoy this precious hour where we can relax and enjoy spending quality time with our children, and each other.

Thank you for your warmth and enthusiasm in making these adaptions. We are thrilled to keep adventuring with you!

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