Online Music Class Tips for Parents

It’s all about the pre-class routine: #2 Play Your Class Album

An easy way to signal to your child that their class is coming up is to put on the class album while they play, eat breakfast, etc.
This helps remind them of the songs and activities from the previous class; deepening their learning of the existing concepts and prepares them for the next layer of learning introduced in that day’s class. It can also be a fun way to connect with your child. Here is a beautiful article on the profound benefits of singing to your child (even if you don’t think you are good at singing!).

Class Albums as an Invitation to Play (and Learn!)

The class albums are a beautiful play prompt, and can be used as creatively as you like! Here are a couple of ideas, comment below with your favourites.
  • Set up a ‘class’ of toys, and take turns being the teacher and student.
  • Recreate the activities from your classes. We have more than 150 unique layers and activities across the year of classes, so there is plenty to work through!
  • Act out the story in the song or nursery rhyme. Use props and dig through the dressing up box, heaps of creative fun!
  • Draw the story (and send in your drawings, we love seeing the ways our little students interpret the songs!)
  • Try a memory game #1: Play the very beginning of the song, press pause. Can you name the song?
  • Try a memory game #2: Play a song, pause it partway through. Can they sing the next bit? Press play to check if they are right.
    This is something I do with my violin/viola students, so it’s a fantastic stepping stone to being ready to learn an instrument.
  • Try a memory game #3: Some families have listened to the class album so often, they can sing the next song that is about to play. Can you too?
Keen for some fresh music in your home? Click here to purchase another class album to add to your collection.
Stay tuned for the next tip in this series, and share your tips in the comments below! – Sophie