Online Music Class Tips for Parents

It’s all about the pre-class routine: #1 Have a Chat

Yes, I know, an obvious starting point for this series of tips and tricks! In order for your child to be mentally ready for class, it’s important to give them a heads up.
We all know that frustration of being deep into an activity, when suddenly we are called away. As adults, we can use calendar notifications to let us know when an activity is coming up, but of course, that’s not possible for little ones! Over the coming weeks we will go further in-depth into a range of child-friendly ways you can help them prepare for their online class.
Previously, the process of leaving the house and travelling to a class venue provided your child with a pre-class routine and transitional space to be mentally ready for learning.

Let’s think about ways to create a pre-class routine that resonates with your family.

My first tip is to talk about the class the night before, and the morning of the class. Let your child know how much you are looking forward to it, and talk about your favourite parts of the previous class. They will be guided by your enthusiasm!
“Just as you don’t need to be a mathematician to teach your kids to count, you don’t need to be a musical maestro to enjoy music with your kids. Children take much more notice of your enthusiasm and the smile on your face than your level of musicality.”
– Janet Channon
Give them a couple of reminders as the morning goes on. Your child won’t have a concrete idea of ‘5 minutes’. Instead, let them know about the flow of the morning. i.e. ‘we are going to go to the park, and when we get back it will be time fo your music class.’
Stay tuned for the next tip in this series, and share your tips in the comments below! – Sophie