It’s always special to share a great book with the little ones in your life, but sometimes it’s not possible to be in the same room. Lots of our students have grandparents, uncles or special people living in another country, or sometimes we need to stay home to keep everyone safe. One of my nieces lives in Orbost, which is 5 hours drive away from where I live in Melbourne. One of our favourite things to do is sharing a story in a video call. It’s a lovely way to spend time together, and build a shared experience to talk about. There are lots of online video chat options. We use Zoom, but you could use messenger, FaceTime, etc.

You could also send a copy of the book to your special little one. That way they can follow along at home with something to hold onto (sometimes a tactile thing can help them to stay in the moment).

If you don’t feel comfortable using video chat, you could record yourself reading it (either video or audio-only), and the little one’s parent can play it and follow along at home, or play it as an ‘audiobook’ bedtime story or ‘quiet time with grandma’.

Here are some of our favourite books, so you can start to build up a library to share with the special little people in your life:

Where possible, I have included links to the wonderful Younger Sun Bookshop in Yarraville. They are so passionate about early literacy, it’s wonderful to support them however we can.

I am always looking for more great books, so please comment and let me know what you are enjoying! – Sophie

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