Dance it Out! Instant mood lifters and living room party starters

Welp, 2020. What a year. We all need some instant mood lifters and living room party starters. Dancing to some fun music is a wonderful way to connect and laugh with your little ones, so I put together the Dance it Out playlist on Spotify! These have been thoroughly tested in classes, and my harshest critics (my little students!) have approved them. So kick off your shoes and dance out your feelings!

Here are some ideas to add an educational layer to your fun:

  • The simplest of all – just cut loose with a homemade shaker!
  • March Past – This track features the bassoon, which you may not have heard as a solo instrument before. Click here to see a clip all about the bassoon.
    The music is written to sound like the band is marching past in a parade, while you dance by the side of the street. You can hear this, as the musicians get quieter at the end. The special musical term for gradually getting softer is ‘decrescendo’.
  • Stretchy Lycra – An absolute hit in our classes! All you need is a stretchy piece of fabric, and each person holding a corner. Then move the fabric as the lyrics tell you. This song is so catchy, I find myself singing it in the shower the rest of the week!
  • Carmen Overture – Start with big marching movements and find the beat with your feet. When the music goes quieter, tiptoe and make your body movements smaller. You could use smooth movements with your arms/body during the smooth bits, and then back to big marching at the end. See where the music takes you!
  • Carnival of the Animals: Aquarium – Imagine you are a fish swimming through the water (perhaps at some fabulous sun-warmed beach? ah… travel).
    You could:
    1. move a fish toy through the air in time to the music,
    2. turn your body into a fish, or
    3. dance with a ribbon or cloth and be the water.
    Simple tip: Op shop scarves are wonderful for dancing, dress ups and all kinds of creative play!
  • Baby Elephant Walk – I can give you a bunch of educational reasons for including this, such as introducing them to different harmonic structures, etc. But really, I included this piece because it always makes me feel a little silly-happy!

Let me know the music you love to dance to at home! I will keep adding to this playlist over time, so keep checking back for more music.

I think I might go for a dance now…! – Sophie

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